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SIC BO Hybrid

Solution for the players that prefer some human interaction but still want to bet comfortably on their own terminal.


SIC BO Automated

Completely automated Sic bo with real jumping dice.


Design is based on offering the maximum comfort to the players putting everything at the reach of his hands without bending or turning.


Also available in fully automated version as compact 8-player or modular.

SIC BO Hybrid

Real dice
Easy and transparent betting
All information and results are sent to the player.

SIC BO Automated

Attractive SIC BO game fully automated with jumping dice in a modular version . Also available as a multigame combined with roulette.
Attractive SIC BO game with jumping dice in a classic 8 player version.
During low hours you can play this one  completely automated too.


Design is based on offering maximum comfort to the players, putting everything at the reach of his hands with out bending or turning.
The illumination system can be adopted to best fit into the environment or to satisfy the wishes of the players.
The terminals look attractive from every point of view.

Terminal measurements

Compact 8-player automated

One-side theater set up

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