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It goes without saying that we offer both, single zero and double zero roulette versions.


Completely automated roulettes in compact or modular version bring together years of experience and latest technology.


Perfect solution for the players that prefer some human interaction but still want to bet comfortably on their own terminal.


For the comfort of the players designed terminals with all the functionality that any market can require.


If you decide to try something different then the classic 8 – player configuration you can really put your creativity to work. Basically there are no limits of how to configure your setup.


Automated Wheel

Fully automated wheel with
all the excitement of a live roulette.

Double wheel options

Two automated wheels can be connected to the terminals which give the player the opportunity to bet simultaneously on both at the same time.


Multi game setup that allows players to choose between different games to play on their terminal.


Live Wheel

Solution for players that prefer some human interaction but still want to bet comfortably on their own terminal.

Double wheel options

Live and automated Wheel can be played at the same time, even simultaneously.

Live streaming

For those who seek the absolute comfort but still want to see everything that is going on we offer Live Streaming for all our games .


Design is based on offering maximum comfort to the players, putting everything at the reach of his hands with out bending or turning.
The illumination system can be adopted to best fit into the environment or to satisfy the wishes of the players.
The terminals look attractive from all point of view.


You can combine the setup from 4 terminals and up. There is no limit.
A Virtual version is also available!

Play on Wheel One

Most player friendly interface where you play on your favorite Wheel

Play on Wheel Two

You can choose to play on Wheel 2 or you can play both of the wheels simultaneously.

Play the Extra Game

Play a special game where you bet on the same outcome on both wheels and win up to 1200 times your bet.

Terminal measurements

Cylinder measurements and data

 Electricity Frequency Amperes Power
 220V 50 - 60 Hz 1.00 A 220 W

Compact 8-player configuration

One-side theater set up

Dual-side theater set up

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